Please continue to prevent the spread of the virus.
Followings are information and links about COVID-19.

Urayasu Coronavirus Alert is issued (Nov.21st)
The level of Urayasu Coronavirus Alert has changed to Cautionary Note.

[NEW] The Number of COVID-19 Infectious Cases Reported in Urayasu City
Nov. 25th) 

[NEW] 6 students of Tokai University Urayasu Senior High School was
infected with COVID-19.
(Oct. 31st)

COVID-19 Multilingual Guide (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
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Information about Urayasu Community Support Coupons


1.To Prevent Infection from COVID-19
2.New Information about COVID-19 in Foreign Language  
3.Consultation in Foreign Language  anker
4.Financial Support
5.Foreign Residents who are Employed by a Company       
6.Status of Residence  
7.Closing Down of City Facilities 

1. To prevent infection from COVID-19

Washing Hands, Mouth Wash, Coughing Manners






  [NEW]☆How to make no-sew face mask    
      Link to movie on YouTube




・Avoid “3Cs“(Confined spaces, Crowded places, Close contact)  anker



2. New Information about COVID-19 in Foreign Language

The Number of COVID-19 Infectious Cases Reported in Urayasu City

Clair (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations) 

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

NHK WORLD  anker

Chiba Prefectural Government  

3. Consultation in Foreign Language

  〇Residents who live in Urayasu city

  ・Foreign Residents’ Assistance Desk 
                                 ⇒ Urayasu city hall 3[Local Activities Promotion Section] 

  〇Foreign Language support (Consultation of Daily Life) 
       ⇒TEL:  047-712-6910

DAY TIME Langage


(12:00~13:00 break time)

Japanese, English, French, Russian, Polish
WED/THU Japanese, English, Spanish
FRI Japanese, English, Chinese


The New Coronavirus Multi-language Consultation Center (facebook page)
AMDA Medical Information Center (8 Languages)
    ⇒TEL:03-6233-9266 (Until May 20th) anker

Japan Visitor Hotline
  ⇒TEL:050-3816-2787 (English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese) 

4. Financial Support anker

①Special Cash Payments (\100,000)
Please check links below.
You may know how to write application form in English.
Movie on YouTube
PDF file (Application form with English explanation) 
・Guide to the Special Cash Payments

・Those who are registered with Basic Resident Registration System
    as of April 27th, 2020.
・Application form will be send from Urayasu city to head of household
   from May 22nd.
・If you have a My Number Card, you can apply online from the
   “MynaPortal” website. ⇒「ぴったりサービス (Pittari Service)」(Japanese only)
 Note: Many people come to city hall to ask about My Number Card.
            We are recommend that you wait for application form send by post.
・The payment will be transferred from end of May in Urayasu city.
・The payment of all members of household will be transferred to the bank account
    of head of household.
 Note:You need consultation if you are victim of domestic violence.

②Consultation of Paying Utility bills
・Water bills 
   ①Water supply⇒Chiba pref. [Ken-sui Customer Center] TEL:0570-001-245
 ②Sewerage system⇒[Urayasu city] TEL:047-712-6499

・Receiving Fee of NHK⇒「Shin-urayasu Customer Center」TEL:047-316-8300
 Homepage (Japanese only)

・Electricity bill ⇒Note: Please call to the company you use.

・Gas bill ⇒「Keiyo Gas Company」TEL:047-361-0211
 Homepage (Japanese only)
   Note:If you use LP gas, please call to the company you use.

・Telephone bill ⇒Note: Please call to the company you use.

Consultation of Paying Tax
・City Tax ⇒[Tax Collection Division ] TEL:047-712-6229
・National Health Insurance
       ⇒[National Health Insurance & Pension Division」TEL:047-712-6280
・Pension Insurance
 ①National Pension person in charge
       ⇒[National Health Insurance & Pension Division」TEL:047-712-6282 
 ②Welfare Pension(for business owner) 
       ⇒[Ichikawa Welfare Pension] TEL:047-704-1177
・Childcare ⇒[The Childcare Kindergarten Department] TEL:047-712-6439
・Nursing Care Insurance ⇒ [Nursing Care Insurance Division] TEL:047-712-6403
・National Tax ⇒ [National Tax Agency] TEL:03-6672-3503
 Homepage in English

Special Temporary Payment for Household with Children
・A household that gets the child-care allowance in April 
   will get \10,000 per child (0 years old to junior high school student) 
   from the Japanese government.
・Urayasu city will add \5,000 more to the child-care allowance.
・Scheduled to start from June 30th.
・No need to apply.
   [Urayasu city: The child department]

Addition to Child Rearing Allowance (Urayasu city only)
・Add \30,000 more to the child rearing allowance of July.
・Scheduled to start from July 10th.
・No need to apply.
   [Urayasu city: The child department]

⑥Sickness and Injury Benefits
・Sickness and injury benefits will be paid to an insured of
   national health care.
・The insured who has infected COVID-19 or suspected infection
    because of fever and could not work and could not get income.
・It has started from April 21st.
   [Urayasu city: National Health Insurance & Pension Division]

 ⑦Housing security Benefits Service
・This is for a person who quit job or cannot continue to work because of
   COVID-19 and cannot pay monthly rent.
   Note:The reason of less income is not personal reason.
・The amount of benefit is limited but a person get about same amount of rent.
・High income will be not applicable. 
・Consultation please call [Urayasu city Social Welfare Division] TEL:047-351-1111

⑧Temporary Loan Emergency Funds of The Social Welfare Councils
・The Social Welfare Councils lend necessary fund for living to a person
    who cannot continue to work because of COVID-19.
・Consultation please call [Urayasu Social Welfare Council] TEL:047-355-5271
Leaflet in Foreign Languages
 ①Easy Japanese②English
   ③Chinese (Simplified) , ④Korean

⑨Benefits for Continuing Working(Owners and self-employed)
・The Government pays up to 2 million yen for small business owners or
   1 million yen for a non-incorporated self-employed person.
・Sales decrease less than half in a month of 2020 compared to
   the same month of 2019, are qualified.
   ①[SME Financial Consultation Counter] TEL:03-3501-1544
       Homepage in English

⑩Virtually No Interest and Unsecured Loan Program(for Business Owners)
①Special Loan Program (COVID-19)
 ・Special loan program for a company which decreases sales.
②Special Provision of Interest Subsidies Program
 ・The interest of Special Loan Program (COVID-19) is provided.
Note:If you use these two programs, will be almost the same as no interest.
・Consultation [Japan Finance Corporation」TEL:0120-154-505


Financing Support System for Small to Medium Company in Urayasu City
Homepage (Japanese only)
・Consultation Urayasu city [Commercial Tourism Division] TEL:047-712-6295


5.Foreign Residents who are Employed by a Company     

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare   anker


6.Status of Residence

Immigration Services Agency of Japan


7.Closing Down of City Facilities 

Closing until May 29th (Fri)
・Elementary School (Public)
・Junior High School (Public)

Closing until May 30th (Sat)
・After-School Care for Children(”Houkago Urakko Club”)

Closing until May 31st (Sun)
・Nursery School, Kindergarten, Childcare Center
・Public Facilities (Public Hall,Sports facilities, etc.



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