【Report】【2016 September 4th】Let’s talk about “Multicultural living-together”

Let’s talk about “Multicultural living-together”.

We provided a lecture meeting about “Multicultural living-together” and we talked about how we should get involved in individually. We invited Mr. Nobuyuki TAKAHASHI who is a director of “Manager’s Association for Intercultural Community Japan” (NPO TABUMANE) as a lecturer.

【Date】September 4th, 2016. 14:00pm~16:00pm

【Place】Urayasu International Center


※There is not a standard translation for this theme. People say “multicultural” “multicultural coexistence” “multicultural symbiosis”, and so on. We will use the word “multicultural living-together” this time.



We provided a lecture meeting about “Multicultural living-together” and we talked about how we should get involved individually. We invited Mr. Nobuyuki TAKAHASHI as a lecturer.  Mr. Takahashi is a director of “Manager’s Association for the Intercultural Community Japan” (NPO TABUMANE).

Mr. Takahashi introduced “Multicultural living-together”. We heard about how over a long time the foreign population has been increasing, and the three barriers they encounter:   “the language barrier”, “the social system”, and “emotional problems”.  We discussed situations that involve “living together in a Multicultural society” and how they carry multiculturism over into their own homes.


The following is some of participants’ opinions:

“I don’t really have an opportunity to be aware of “Multicultural living-together” in my daily life.”

“I realize “Multicultural living-together” when I see Japanese and foreign children attending school together.”

“I keep in mind that I will try to accept everything.”

“Speaking of food, I would go along with my husband’s wishes to sample other foods.”

Mr. Takahashi told us that we would need to have a similar attitude towards foreigners living in our community as we do to our family members at home.

In the second half of the session, we discussed how we can start tomorrow, to live together in a Multicultural Society. We studied present situations that could be adjusted to fit this new life.  We shared all information and ideas with all participants.

Finally, Mr. Takahashi shared with us the words “Let’s try proactively” and “To not act is to fail.”


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