【Report】【2016 October 15th】Music Concert of Vietnamese Traditional Instrument “T’rung”

We provided a music concert of Vietnamese Musical instrument “T’rung”, which is like a xylophone made from bamboo. The performers were Ms. Kumiko OGURI as a T’rung player, and Mr. Takuya MORIKAWA as a pianist and a violinist.

【Date】Saturday, October 15th , 2016 2:00pm – 4:00pm
【Place】Urayasu International Center
【Performer】Ms.Kumiko OGURI and Mr.Takuya MORIKAWA
【Fee】500 yen per person

Ms. Oguri and Mr. Morikawa entered the room playing one of the instruments from Vietnam. They were wearing the authentic Vietnamese clothing. Ms. Oguri greeted us in fluent Vietnamese.
After the prologue, Ms. Oguri introduced the T’rung, including its history.

IMG_1937 - コピー

She told us that the bamboos used for T’rung are different from those in Japan; there is more space between the joints.
They use strings and rubber bands to build T’rung. It was the first time for most of the people to see the actual T’rung, and they were surprised at its structure.

IMG_1944 - コピー


After everyone listened to three notes, Ms. Oguri gave us a chance to play the Vietnamese musical instruments. We learned how to make sounds, and then we played in a concert.

IMG_1963 - コピー


IMG_8820 - コピー


During the break, we served Vietnamese lotus tea and a snack, “Banh Dau Xanh”, which is made from mung beans.

IMG_8867 - コピー


After the break, Ms. Oguri and Mr. Morikawa played for us, some other notes in wonderful coordination.

IMG_2004 - コピー


IMG_2012 - コピー

At last, they played a Japanese nursery song “Akatombo” and everyone sang along.

The followings are comments from the people who came to this concert.
・It was a very nice experience to listen to T’rung, violin, and piano.
・Their music made me picture the scenery of Vietnam.
・I really enjoyed the Vietnam lotus tea and snack. Their music was wonderful. It was a really great idea for us to have a chance to play the instruments.
・It was a great chance to see and get to know about T’rung.

The Urayasu international center will provide events which give you an opportunity to learn about international exchange and cooperation. We are looking forward to your participation.

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